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We reached out to this breeder in the late spring of 2020 at the height of the pandemic.  We had just lost our dog and our cat to old age, so our home was very quiet.   Our youngest daughter, Kristin, had just graduated high school and was enrolled for college, which would be remote because of the pandemic.  Her dad and I are both essential workers, so we were gone during the day. She felt very alone in the house.  We had been discussing getting another English Labrador Retriever, we love those big, boxy heads. This has always been our favorite breed and we’ve had good luck with them as family dogs.


I immediately got a call back from Amy. We were so excited when she said they would have some puppies available in the next weeks. We were looking for a black, male specifically, she said they had a few.  We set up an appointment to go meet with them and pick out our puppy.  We had a full medical background on both parents in advance of our visit.  We were able to make our down payment electronically, which was helpful due to the distance between ourselves and the breeder (Centerville to Celina).   We were able to make our final payment when we went to pick him up.


As we were waiting for Harley to be ready, they were very careful to send us updates; pictures, videos, and they even began calling him by the name we had selected, which was Harley.  When our “Gotcha Day” was finally here, we were so excited.  When we arrived, the paperwork was ready.  He had been completely vet checked, vaccinated, and chipped. Much to my surprise we were told he was already housebroken at eight weeks, and indeed he was! We got him home, and he immediately alerted us when he needed to go to the restroom, I was beyond impressed!!! I’ve never picked up a puppy that was already housebroken at eight weeks and responded to his name. There was no frustration that night, he went into his crate, and fell fast asleep.


Harley immediately won our hearts.  He is very smart, a quick learner, and well behaved.  Everywhere we go, Harley is a show-stopper.  People stop us to compliment his shiny coat, his physical stature, and his obedience.  They are so impressed by his majestic presence.  He’s all puppy, his disposition and demeanor are unmatched.  Harley is a stocky 116 lbs. and very lovable and loves to cuddle.  He has such a great personality.  Every vet visit, our veterinarian always says, “He’s a fine specimen, that one”.  Harley has not had any health problems what-so-ever.

 Amy and Rose even did a follow up within the next weeks to ensure everything was going well.  Should we ever find ourselves in a place needing a puppy, we wouldn’t consider calling anyone else. Our experience with this breeder has been top-notch, and I highly recommend them.

 -Dawn Chandler/ Past Client 

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