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All Dogs DO NOT carry Dulution and are cleared on the following diseases know to Labradors: Myopathy, Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis, Cystinuria, Canine Hyperuricosuria, PRA-prcd, Degenerative Myopathy,  and OFA hips!



ROXY (Retired)

Meet Roxy, our very first girl. She is very kind and intelligent, loves to please and is easy to train. Her favorite things to do are swim, play fetch, and get her belly rubbed.  Roxy is a very beautiful Snow White color with a black pigmentation nose.  She is also the best mom you’ll ever meet.


Meet Stormi, she is our little couch potato, absolutely loves to cuddle and be next to me. Stormi has never met a stranger, loves and cares for everyone. She is my beautiful black lab with eyes that will make you instantly fall in love with her.


Meet River, She is Roxy and Tucker’s puppy.  River is the smartest puppy I have ever met, learns and picks stuff up so quickly but also knows how to sit back and have a good time. River is in the process of getting trained to be a shed hunting dog. River is the perfect mix between Tucker and Roxy.


Meet Nelli, she is the newest addition to our lab family. Nelli Received her AKC Star Pup at only 14 Weeks old! Nelli is a beautiful dark chocolate color and stocky. Nelli goes with the flow of your life from chillin on the couch to playing ball to going for walks. She is just happy to be with you!