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We were not sure that we wanted another dog - we had lost our 2nd lab about a month before and the thought of replacing her really hurt - but we missed having our 4th member of the family - the dog! My husband heard about Rose and that her dog, Roxy, just had new puppies. We set out - just to look. (ha ha)

When we got there - Roxy greeted us with a toy in her mouth, with 2 puppies close behind.

We noticed right away that Roxy was not bothered by the pups, who were still trying to nurse even after nursing duty was over! She was so happy - wagging her tail and showing off her toy. We fell in love with our Stella at first sight and she immediately brought our family back from the sadness of our loss. 

Fast forward - we have had Stella for 4 memorable years. She is an amazing combination of our other two labs - sweet and loving disposition, quick learner, and has never met a squirrel she did not like!

If you come to our furniture store - you will always be greeted by Stella - wagging her tail and proudly showing you the toy in her mouth!

We would turn to Rose in a heartbeat for another puppy!

- Stacey S / Past Client

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